Tutoring Services

Hello! My name is Skye Bleed. I am a student at Saline High School, where I am a rising Junior. I can do tutoring or lessons for people on a variety of subjects, either online or in person.



I participate in the marching band and the jazz band, where I play euphonium and guitar, respectively. Beyond music, I also know a great deal about computers. I've been programming since I was in 7th grade, and I've made a large numbers of free and open source projects available on my Gitlab (to varied degrees of completeness), and I lead Android development for the Saline robotics team as well.

I can also teach more school-related things, such as Spanish (I've taken all the way up to Spanish 4), English, and organizational skills. I am especially good at reading and writing Spanish, but I can also help with speaking and listening. For English, I can help with things like grammar and spelling, and I can help proof-read papers for those things as well. Organizational help just means helping to figure out systems that help a student stay organized and able to get things in on time and done well. I have ADHD myself so I am not perfect, but I understand the struggle, and I have developed a knack for creating systems that make help keep me on track. This is not just for ADHD people of course, but I have the most experience navigating those issues.

Rates & Availability

30m: $20
60m: $30

I am available pretty much all days of the week, but there are some weeks where I will be gone. If you contact me to set up a session, please let me know what days and times work for you.

Contact Me

If you're interested, send an email to skylarbleed@protonmail.ch and we can work out dates. Thank you!